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Rep. Gutierrez Issues Deadline for GOP to Act on Immigration Reform

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House Republicans have really outdone themselves.

After a year and a half of blocking immigration reform, House Republicans exploited the humanitarian situation of children fleeing violence and murder in Central America on August 1st, and used it to strip away due process rights for refugees & deport Dreamers--all to gain political points with their small anti-immigrant base.

Senator Harry Reid and the US Senate won’t take up this shameful bill and and the President has threatened to veto it. But we know the hate and vitriol won’t stop there. The anti-immigrants are mobilizing this August recess just as we are.

Our job is to let everyone know that the Republicans are to be blamed for the failure of immigration reform. And just as we built the largest and broadest, most diverse coalition for legislation with a path to citizenship, we must do the same to direct that pressure on the President to GO BIG and use his full authority to jumpstart the legal process to recognize our parents, sisters and brothers, neighbors, and as many people as possible, as soon as possible.

Our message:

To the Republicans: #TimesUpYouFailed
To our families and movement: #OurTimeIsNow
To President Obama: #YourTimeIsNow

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