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Rep. Gutierrez Issues Deadline for GOP to Act on Immigration Reform

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Finally, President Obama took the monumental first step toward a permanent solution to fix our broken system with an executive action that will allow 5 million immigrants to live and work without fear of deportation.

This will not cover all the families living day-to-day still in the shadows and our fight continues for a permanent solution all 11 million.

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Executive Action Resources


    Aministrative Relief Resource Center

    Help potential applicants prepare now by providing them information about, and assisting them with, collecting information that may be helpful in determining their eligibility when details of the program are explained.


    Own The Dream

    Do an online interview to learn if you are eligible to apply for or renew Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and to complete the application forms.



    The iAmerica website has services and information for immigrant families. From applying for administrative relief to finding trusted legal resources in your neighborhood, houses the solution you need to inform, inspire and impact your future and America’s legacy.

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Tweet Obama

Send a ready-made, customized Tweet or Facebook message to President Obama that the failure of House Republicans means that he must use his full authority to jumpstart the legal process to recognize the 11 million hardworking people in the shadows.